About Us

Not too long ago, getting ranked in the major search engines was as easy as creating pages with the right Title, Meta Tags, and keyword rich text. How times have changed.

Getting ranked in the search engines is no longer a easy task, especially if your site is stacked up against some tough competition. Google completely dominates the search engine market these days, so one must optimize for Google and hope Yahoo and Live/MSN fall into place. Google loves backlinks and we love high ranking Websites. Because of Google’s love for backlinks, much of what I will write is about link building.

I’ve been in the Internet Marketing arena for over ten years. I don’t know it all and do not profess myself as being a SEO God. The purpose of this blog is to share what works for me and what does not work for me. How you use any information I post is completely up to you. And if you feel compelled to correct me, say thank you, or just want more information, please comment on the appropriate post.

Having been in Internet Marketing for ten years, the most important lesson I learned is to be flexible and adapt quickly. Failure to adapt will leave you watching your income streams dry up. With each major algorithm change, our incomes are in jeopardy of being lost. Our search engine optimization efforts of today may be our nightmare of tomorrow. All it takes is a simple algo change to devalue or penalize us for something that is completely white hat now.